*Terms & Conditions;

  1. The competition is valid from 14th to 24th October 2019 (both days included).
  2. Customers have to send money to any 05 different FriMi users (via FriMi send money feature) within the promo period to be eligible for the competition.
  3. A minimum value of LKR 1,000 needs to be sent via FriMi send money feature in order to be eligible for the promo.
  4. Money sent via FriMi needs to be accepted by the recipient to be eligible i.e. send money acceptance by the recipient also needs to happen within the promo period.
  5. Customers who complete the above criteria will be eligible for the draw & will stand a chance to win a 100% CASHBACK on the first Rs.10,000 of the total bill paid at any FriMi accepted FriMi Pub or Restaurant of their choice.
  6. 05 winners will be selected & will receive an SMS with their exclusive offer details.