Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of the finest question's we've received from you, plus a few we wish you'd ask!

A fast, easy and amazingly cool digital solution to earn, spend, shop and save, while enjoying awesome deals. FriMi doesn’t just make you the jedi rockstar of all your financial decisions it really does liberate your lifestyle.
FriMi is not just an app, it is your key to liberate your lifestyle! With FriMi you have the freedom to lend, borrow or pay for anything, anywhere, anytime, while enjoying the most awesome offers for things you like.
FriMi is powered by Nations Trust Bank.
You download and register FriMi for free and apart from standard banking charges there are absolutely no hidden charges for using FriMi.
FriMi is not your average financial app, it’s much more than a standard wallet, and here’s the best part, it’s not restricted to just one bank. Unlike a financial app FriMi can manage everything for you, from the convenience of online banking, shopping, and doing transactions to keeping you posted on customized offers from your favourite brands.
Yes you can! We have a seperate app to support your business. Reach us and we will give you all the details.
Not necessarily, since a FriMi account will be created automatically as you onboard.
FriMi is always with you and it’s willing to do any transaction. Whether it be while shopping, dining with friends or sending money to a loved one, you can FriMi the funds from anywhere to anyone or for anything at any time.
Nothing to worry. You just need to download it from Play store or Apple store and login with the wallet ID, PIN and device nick name.
It is really fast. Any action can be down within few seconds. (Speed may vary depending on your data connection strength).

Any smart phone/tablet device with android or IOS. (Android KITKAT and above / iOS 9 and above)

It takes less than 50mb.
Go to forgot PIN option -> enter your details and you can get the reset PIN. If you registered your biometrics, you can use biometrics to reset your PIN by yourself
You need to call a FriMi agent to Free / unlock you again.
Go to quick access menu -> tap on settings -> tap on security settings -> select change PIN. Enter your current PIN to authorize and add a new PIN of your choice.
Nothing to worry about. Your Frimi account is safe with the PIN and biometrics.
It is recommend you inform a FriMi agent soon if you have lost your device.
No details will be saved on your phone. Unless you download any transaction summaries to your device.
FriMi is smarter than that, and very hush hush about your confidential information and would never leak it out. Also FriMi is completely safe to use as it’s reinforced with security measures preventing any form of security cyber/mobile breaches.
No one access your Frimi. Unless you share ur PIN with them
No, FriMi has gone through high security checks to ensure that any hacking cannot be done to your account.
All your personal and account details are very secured with us. None of the data will go out for any data mining or analysis.
Go to hamburger menu -> Tap on My devices and switch to deactivate.
Yes, FriMi is approved by central bank.
For now app is only available for mobile and tab devices
Yes, you automatically create a savings account when you get onboard to FriMi.
try the option "I didn’t get the OTP" . It may take several seconds to receive an OTP.
Selfie is there to identify you. You may change the Profile picture after you get on boarded fully.
NIC/DL/PP should be there to authenticate yourself.
Yes, your details are fully secured with FriMi.
It is not mandotary to enroll your biometrics. But biometrics is very convienent to use.
Yes. You can only use the PIN.
Passport and DL should be up to date in order for us to authenticate you.
You may use your passport or driver's license.
Token is a money transferring method. You get a unique numerical code where you can use through the app, NTB ATM, NTB branch, or at a merchant, where you can exchange the code to get money.
You can use it within the app itself or from authorized merchants and ATM's or even from a NTB bank counter.
A Token is valid for 24 hours after it is generated.
There are no additional charges for FriMi apart from normal banking transaction fees.
If you have successfully onboarded. You have a daily limit of 1,000,000 LKR if you’re a fully-fledged user.
There is only a daily transaction limit and per transaction limit. There is no limit for the account balance.
There is no requirement for a minimum amount to maintained in your account.
Simply by sharing your Frimi ID or your mobile number (associated with your FriMi Account) you can receive money.
Simply enter the friend’s mobile number, you can send money to a Non FriMian who would receive the money as a token.
Click on transaction history in the hamburger menu and you can see all your FriMi transactions.
Yes it is there on the home screen.
Yes, you earn an interest on your FriMi balance.
Simply by going into home, the hamburger menu, go to cards and accounts then touch on “+” icon and add the cards that are available.
You can go to the home screen and touch on the cards and accounts then look into the details by tapping on show and authenticating yourself by PIN or biometrics.
Yes you can! You can select a desired instrument when you are doing a payment.
The Amount that you put on the token will be deducted from your account, and if the receiver didn’t redeem the token before the expiry time, the amount will be refunded automatically to your account.
If a token is redeemed through the redeem token option, merchant or ATM. The token receiver will get the OTP where it must be authenticated to redeem the token.
Pay you have several options of paying a person, while Send is an easy access and convenient option to send a frined some cash .
Any person with a FriMi ID or a phone number, bank account number or even to an email.
You have many options in FriMi like QR pay, fund transfer, token or directly to the FriMi ID or mobile number
You can pay by NFC, QR or from your wallet ID or mobile number.
You can request money from another FriMi user.
Yes you can if they have a FriMi account.
Yes, you will receive a text message.
Simply by going in to the home and the hamburger menu go to cards and accounts then touch on + icon and add the cards that are available.
You can go to the home screen and touch on the cards and accounts then look in to the details by tapping on show and authenticating yourself by PIN or biometrics.
Yes you can! You can select a desired instrument when you are doing a payment.
There is no difference to a mobile device, it’s the same as your smartphone.
Yes, you can. You can add multiple devices to a single FriMi account.
go to hamburger menu, tap on My devices and switch to deactivate.
From any of your NTB accounts, NTB branch, NTB CDM, any authorized merchant or as a fund transfer from any other bank and a token as well.
A session time out is when the app or the phone locks the screen automatically for security purposes.
Not a problem once you are in the app there is a session time out of 5 minutes and 2-minute session time out when you are out of the app.
You have three login attempts.
PIN or biometrics if you have enrolled them in the app.